APC Easy UPS BVX 700VA, 230V, AVR, USB Charging
part number bvx700lui-ms
Input voltage  230 V AC 1 phase
output voltage 230 V AC 1 phase
rated power in W  360 W
rated power in VA  700 VA
plug standard  IEC 60320 C14
output connection type  2 universal
cable length 1.22 m
number of cables 1
battery type Lead-acid battery
provided equipment - User manual

max runtime 120 min
Number of power module free slots  0
Number of power module filled slots  0
redundant No

colour Black
height 13.8 cm width 9.8 cm depth 31 cm
net weight 4.2 kg
mounting support Floor
mounting preference No preference
mounting mode Not rack-mountable
two post mountable 0
USB compatible No

network frequency  50/60 Hz +/- 5 Hz auto-sensing
input voltage limits  170...280 V 230 V AC
cos phi  0.51

Maximum configurable power in W  360 W
output frequency 50/60 Hz +/- 1 Hz sync to mains
UPS type Line interactive
Wave type Stepped approximation to a sinewave
full load runtime 00:00:01 360 W
graph display 1
half load runtime 00:06:00 180 W
Maximum configurable power in VA 700 VA
Transfer time 6 ms typical : 10 ms maximum

product certifications CE CB
standards IEC, EN/IEC 62040-2,EN/IEC 62040-1

ambient air temperature for operation 0…40 °C
relative humidity 0…95 % non-condensing
operating altitude  0...3000 m
ambient air temperature for storage -15…40 °C
storage Relative Humidity  Non-condensing 0…95 %
storage altitude 0…3000 m
acoustic level 40 dBA
IP degree of protection IP20

number of battery filled slots 0
number of battery free slots 0
Battery recharge time 8 h
battery voltage  12 V
battery capacity 7.0 Ah
battery life  2…3 year(s)
Replacement battery APCRBC110
extended runtime  0
Communications & Management

control panel
LED Status display with on line : on battery

Alarm when on battery : distinctive low battery alarm
Surge Protection and Filtering
Surge energy rate 273 J

Warranty 2 years repair or replace

Home Connectivity
APC Easy UPS BVX Series
Introducing APc Easy UPS - Keep your home and home office powered and protected with
APC by Schneider Electric's Easy UPS.

Stay connected when it matters the most
Why do I need battery backup ?
1. Protect from the Unexpected

Your home devices are sensitive to damage caused by power disturbances.
When power fluctuates outside expected levels, Easy UPS instantly provides clean battery power to your electronics.
2. Reliable Home Connection

With increased power capacity, Easy UPS gives you enough time to
keep working and remain productive for hours and then safely shut down devices following an outage.

Entry-level desktop PC with 20" LED monitor + internet modem and router
BVX700LUI-MS --   27.5 minutes
40 watts --  80 Minutes
BVX1200LIMS  -- 88 minutes

Battery Backup Power Protection.

APC Easy UPS BVX Series Features

Comprehensive Power Capacity Range

Models ranging from 700VA-1200VA; choose a solution aligned with your specific
application and runtime needs.

Power Stabilization

Automatic Voltage Regulation(AVR) preserves battery life and maximizes
runtime by correction low voltages without discharging the battery

Form Factor
Compact for home and home office spaces ( BVX700LUI : 138 x98 x 310 mm )


2-5 battery backup with surge protection outlets.

Functional ease-of-use

Front panel LED green lights to easily tell the functional status

Convenient Charging

Type A USB Port for smart phone and tablet charging 

2 year warranty
Two-year warranty repair or replace for peace of mind and protection from failure

APC Easy UPS BVX 700VA, 230V, AVR, USB Charging,Universal Sockets - part number bvx700lui-ms
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